Please visit our Smoking Lounge! We are *EXEMPT* from the recent Illinois smoking ban!
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ATTENTION Fellow Utopians
We now have *FREE* WI-FI, in our smoking lounge for our customers to use.

So bring along your PDA, smartphone, Pad or Laptop while visiting us and smoking your favorite stogie!

October 2011: Attention Fellow Utopians! Just when you thought it couldn't get better, it has! Besides FREE WI-FI, now Utopia Cigars brings you NEW LED Flatscreen TV's AND FREE Popcorn for you, our loyal friends. Enjoy the WiFi, TV and Popcorn for FREE, as you smoke your favorite stogie from UTOPIA CIGARS!

November 2011: We now carry assorted HOOKAH tobacco, flavors and accessories. Click on the HOOKAH image to the right, and see our available assortment of items!

In the dictionary, UTOPIA is defined as “Ultimate Perfection”. As far as selection, price and freshness, that’s exactly what you will find at UTOPIA CIGARS!

Upon arriving at this unique shop, one thing you will not be witness to is phoniness…. What you see, is what you get. People who are happy to concentrate on one thing…….. CIGARS! You won’t be bothered with pushy salesmanship. You won’t be subjected to an employee trying to make a sales quota or acting like a big shot.

What you will see when you arrive is reality, normal people, genuine people and probably a dog or two. UTOPIA is all about making you feel comfortable. From the couches to the TV’s, from the free coffee to the characters who are just like you!

It’s a cigar store, not an art gallery. It’s a cigar store, not traffic court. It’s a cigar store, not your girlfriend’s parent’s house. You can smoke HERE, talk about whatever you want and never feel intimidated. We are just like you, so feel at home at our home, the home of the best cigars at the best price, with great people.

UTOPIA CIGARS was opened in September of 1997, on the NorthWest Side of Chicago. It was a dream to think that you could open a business to sell what you enjoy and help people to relax and exhale. That’s exactly what happened. The owner was a long time cigar smoker who knew what it was like to be on the other side of the register. He knew what it felt like to watch elaborate commercials on television promising this and that to get you in a store. When you dealt with the person at the register, they were as interested in you as they would be at stepping in dogshit. Our first concern was to make every customer feel welcome, relaxed, and comfortable… that they mattered.

Every customer wants to deal with an expert about their product, someone who can answer any question and be more than willing to go above and beyond their best to give any customer what they need. It's all about giving back and appreciating what you have. Once you step in UTOPIA CIGARS you'll know that feeling.

Two slogans which UTOPIA has clung to through all of the years are:

  • "Smoke 'em if you got 'em"
  • "The butt stops here!"

Those two phrases kinda describe what UTOPIA is all about. With many many years in the tobacco business from rolling cigars, displaying cigars, caring for cigars to smoking cigars and beyond, Robert Samp knows enough to answer any question.


Utopia Blue Exclusively at Utopia Cigars

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